Thursday, August 30, 2007

More On Cannon AFB

More info and newsy-notes about Cannon AFB from AFA’s Daily Report:

A New Number for Cannon SOF Wing: Air Force Special Operations Command now plans to create the 27th Special Operations Wing at Cannon AFB, N.M., rather than naming it 16th SOW as originally conceived. Last fall, AFSOC changed the 16th SOW at Hurlburt Field, Fla., back to its original designation, 1st SOW, and expected to use 16th for its new wing at Cannon. However, according to AFSOC officials the 16th lineage transferred to 1st SOW, so apparently they decided instead to preserve the 27th Fighter Wing's considerable heritage in the new 27th SOW. We're still trying to figure out why AFSOC changed the Air Commando history-rich 1st SOW to 16th in 1993.

All in the Details:Officials at Cannon AFB, N.M., have released answers to "frequently asked questions" on the shift of Cannon to Air Force Special Operations Command. As we reported, the first special ops aircraft assigned will be MC-130W Combat Spears-slated to arrive in December. The airmen who operate and maintain those Hercules, members of the 73rd Special Operations Squadron, will begin arriving in November and complete their move to Cannon by February 2008. The squadron expects to add both personnel and aircraft, reaching 12 aircraft in late 2009. Hampering the full move of AFSOC airmen and equipment destined for Cannon is a current lack of suitable hangar space and other necessary facilities. Construction is ongoing, but AFSOC expect the entire process, including beddown of Predator unmanned aerial vehicles, AC-130 Gunships, and CV-22 Ospreys, will take about six years.

Lineage is important, and there are very strict rules and regulations concerning USAF unit lineage. Pages and pages of rules, as a matter of fact. It’s good to know that the 27th Wing’s lineage will live on. I just hate it when history “dies.”

Note: the video below is from the Cannon AFB site, and is an official USAF video. I just posted it because I can.


  1. 1 SOW changed to 16 SOW because then Air Force Chief of Staff Gen McPeak decided that there could not be two wings with the same designation. The 1st Fighter Wing at Langley won that battle and the 1 SOW became the 16th SOW.

  2. I hate lost heritage too. That's why they should have kept it the 16th SOW. The 27th has no special ops heritage or history and has no place being labeled a SOW. Yet another kick in the junk.


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