Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just a Couple of Vids...

By way of ASM826, a commenter at Lex’s place, here’s a lil reminder of days gone by…
“I’m Jon Karry, and I approve this message.” Heh.
Via Mike…in a way, since he posted “What if real life were like a comments section in a blog,” which led me to the “College Humor” site, which led me to this:

For the uninitiated…this is High Times. Only in America, eh?
A non-parenthetical parenthetical comment: I found it interesting that the Wiki claims Al Gore was either (a) on the cover of High Times or (b) was interviewed by High Times. “B” is probably the safer bet but ya never know, especially when it comes to the Goreacle. Now if we were talking about Al Gore III, I’d go for option “A.”


  1. Buck,
    You sure do get around.


  2. College Humor...great site. Lots of good stuff to be found. Had a pretty good one on the front page yesterday about how extreme conservative and liberal families perceive the other side...I think I'm gonna put a link up to it over at my place; it was pretty funny.


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