Thursday, August 30, 2007

Apropos of Nothing…

...but the picture at this link made me heave a heavy sigh. They were killing me, that much is incontrovertible fact. But...I sacrificed a great deal of pleasure, Gentle Reader, when I gave those damned things up.

A great deal.

(I'm still on the wagon, in case you're wondering.)


  1. Woohoo Buck,
    Congratulations on staying on the wagon, no cancer sticks for you...

    I'm sure you can find some other vices..


  2. I am glad you gave them up, Buck, for lots of good reasons. Canada would be hard on you. I see lots of smokers here - everywhere! And the coffee houses are on every street corner. I guess they go together. If it is not a coffee bar, it is a beer bar - you might like Calgary.

  3. Shelly sez: I'm sure you can find some other vices..

    {sigh} You're probably right, Shelly, but at my age the vices I LIKE seem to be few and pretty far in between. I'll have to do some research into geriatric vice...

    Lou: I know I'd like Calgary, based on input from one of my Canadian friends and reinforced by your most recent impressions. The Calgarians (?) are every bit as rabid about their hockey as Detroiters are, and bars...either coffee or alcohol...are proof that God loves us (to paraphrase one B. Franklin)! I also hear there are LOTS of very good looking women running around in that part of the world, too.

    The only thing I can see that's not to like is the weather...and THAT'S a deal-killer!

  4. Hey Buck, you are right, we do have a lot in common. I didn't retire from the AF, might have had there been no war at the time, and I too retired from IT. Hope you are loving it like I am.

    I love beer, cigars, old tales, military things, and just good conversation.

    Come visit dude!


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