Thursday, July 19, 2007

Yet Another in a Long Line of Placeholder Posts...

Via Lex, Lex on Lex. And blogging, milblogging, the military, politics, the war, and life in general…as interviewed by one Juan Devis on behalf of KCET (NPR in Los Angeles). The interview is 38 minutes, 13 seconds, in mp3 format. Worth your while, to say the very least. And you get a bonus, too—interviews with three other well-known milbloggers, Sean Dustman (Doc in the Box), Army Girl (of Desert Phoenix), and Colby Buzzell.

This is yet another placeholder post. I haven’t completed this morning’s rounds (nor the coffee...and yeah, I know full well it ain’t morning any longer), and if you follow the link above you may understand why. Over forty minutes were spent cruising around just one site this morning and listening to Lex talk about a lot of stuff, as well as reading the opinions and POVs of the commenters over at his place. Time consuming, it was, but it was time well spent.

Today’s Pic: The setting sun in Old Town ABQ catches the bare limbs of a gnarled tree. I really wish underground utilities were more prevalent in America…those frickin’ wires just ain’t good for the aesthetics, ya know.

ABQ. January, 2004.

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  1. Last night my internet was unusually slow, and I was not able to listen to any of the interviews. This morning I listened to Lex - he was well worth my time.

    I love the glowing limbs of the tree in Old Town.


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