Thursday, July 19, 2007

Everyone on the Right Side of the ‘Sphere Is Gonna Link This…

…so why should I be different? She Who Will Not Be Named is taken down, mightily, in the flipping Guardian, of all places. The epic narcissism of (SWWNBN)” is an epic read. With great links, too, I might add…not the least of which pictures SWWNBN laid out on the grave of her son for a Vanity Fair photo shoot. The last two sentences of the piece reads thusly:

(SWWNBN) is a self-styled sanctimonious didact. May her second retirement come swiftly, and may it last a lot longer than the first.

Oh, yes. What he said. One wonders how she’s managed to remain in the spotlight, such as it is, now that the Left has abandoned her and the Right shunned her from the very beginning.

Who among her supporters remain? (Aside from “Don’t call me Hew-Go,” that is…)


  1. The unfortunate Dowdism, mentioned in every single article about the activist including this one, is more responsible for ending the fifteenth minute than any other factor. It's one thing to say the moral authority of bereaved parents is "absolute." It's quite another thing entirely to say -- as you must to keep the point salient -- oh waitaminnit waitaminnit waitaminnit, you have to let me & my friends pick which bereaved parents have this absolute authority and which bereaved parents do not, since we aren't fond of all of 'em.

    That is oppositional to the very concept of absoluteness. How do you pick & choose absoluteness?

    And so the Sheehan publicity tour was crushed under the weight of it's own inherent silliness.

  2. I about died right then when you called her SWWNBN. Too funny. We are BIG Harry Potter fans here.

  3. Boy, I read thru some of the comments on the Guardian article. Entertaining how worked up her supporters got.

    She outlasted her shelf life a long time ago - I am sorry for her loss. But she's used up her public grieving time and is making a mockery of her son's sacrifice - and the sacrifices of all of our troops.

    She needs to go, and quietly if you please.

  4. Morgan: Ol' Maureen has a lot of crap to answer for, this "absolute moral authority" trope being just one. The woman can turn a phrase, but I'm thankful the NYT put her behind the TimesSelect wall, coz now I don't have to read her, or even think about her all that much. Thank God for small favors...

    Kris: I skipped the comments, but I'm thinking I'll go back for a lil light "entertainment." As for her going quietly? Hah. FAT chance of that...


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