Wednesday, June 27, 2007

We Got a LOT of Wind Last Night…

…and it took down an old dead tree just behind El Casa Móvil De Pennington. You can see the tree hit my car-hauler and missed the RV. I think I’ll light a candle now.

As the ol’ saying goes: “It could have been worse.” I could be calling an insurance adjuster this morning from the Holiday Inn Express, give or take a couple of feet to the left or so. Instead I’ll just wait for the park guys to come around with chain saws and cut the wayward tree up and haul it off.

The funny thing is I never heard the thing come down. The RV was certainly rocking and there were a lot of bumping and thumping noises and such, but I don’t recall any loud crashing noises.

Oh. How bad was the wind? Well, the National WX Service's severe weather bulletin (the crawl on the WX Channel's broadcast) last evening said "70 mph winds had been observed" at the Melrose Bombing Range around 1930 hours, or so. (The range is about 25 miles north-northwest of me.) The tree was still up at that time.

Back in a few…


  1. Wow!! You were lucky!! Glad your RV was spared.

    That wind was a-howlin'! I haven't been out to check any damage yet. Hubby and the kids had slept in the camper the night before (our equivalent to pitching a tent in the backyard, but no worries of rattlesnakes, LOL!), and I got the windows and vents shut about a minute before the wind hit. I'm about 3 miles or so from the bombing range, so we probably had it pretty close to 70 here as well.

    Now you have me worried about my camper. Since it's parked under my pecan trees, and hubby just got done building a better bumper on it to haul around my 4-wheeler.

  2. There's no other damage in the park this morning that I can see, Jenny. If that tree that came down had been alive it wouldn't have fallen. The danged thing should have been removed a long time ago, but it wasn't on park property. You can see the tree clearly fell over the concrete block wall from the other side. So...if your trees are alive and well I don't think you have anything to worry about.
    Which makes me wonder...will the park clean it up, or is there gonna be a pissing contest between the park ("it's not OUR tree!") and the neighbors ("but it's on YOUR side of the wall!") as to who's gonna do it...

  3. If a tree falls in a trailer park and no one hears it, did it really make a sound?

    Wichita Falls had some similar winds if not stronger last week. Power was out all over town for days and trees were blocking streets - it was a pretty powerful storm. We just keep getting more rain every day. Duncan got almost three inches just yesterday.

  4. Wow! I'm glad it missed your RV. I had a limb come down on my front porch once. I was sitting on the couch right by the front window.

    The limb was from a huge old oak tree right in front of my old house. The limb itself was as big as most trees. When it hit, it sounded as if a cannon had gone off. I tell you, I came off that couch.

  5. Lou: I see on the WX Channel all y'all are still getting it. Have you started on the ark yet?

    Becky: I know that feeling full-well. Before we moved to Rochester in the mid-90s TSMP and I lived in an old established neighborhood in Detroit. We had six oak trees in our yard that were in excess of 60 years old (what with the sub-division being built in the early 1920's), and they literally towered over our two-story house. And limbs would come down periodically. And they would scare the HELL out of us when they did.

    Oh, and tree surgeons don't work cheap, either. And you need a specialist (read that: guys with BIG trucks with buckets, like the power companies have) to work on trees that are that big. But tree surgeons are cheaper than, say, replacing a roof. Or a car.


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