Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Day is Blown

Not a lot to say today, and I’m pretty sure it’s because I had another one of those nights…fitful sleep (when sleep came at all) interspersed with a couple of hour-long periods of sitting at my desk, staring at The Weather Channel and wondering in a semi-conscious manner why sleep refuses to come. It was light outside when I finally drifted off this morning. These things don’t happen often, but when they do…the whole next day is utterly blown.

I hate it when that happens.

A quick question for those of you with day jobs: is this the holiday weekend, or is it next weekend? Do you have this coming Monday off? Do you have the actual Fourth of July off? Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off? All week off? What? How’s it being done at your place of business?

Today’s Pic: Here we go again…dipping back into the Arches photos from earlier this month. This is another example of the stupendously large, awe-inspiring rock formations that rise from the valley floor.

Arches National Park. June 2, 2007.


  1. I'm not sure we really have a holiday weekend this year, since the 4th falls on Wednesday. But people are used to getting a long weekend over any holiday. What I think we'll end up with, then, is all of next week kind of being a "blow off" for those who find themselves at work. I expect the phones to ring very seldom.

    At my company, all actual employees (as opposed to independent contractors, who make up the majority of our staff) get the 4th as a paid holiday. The other days are available for vacation, assuming you have enough hours accrued.

    Personally, I'll work on Mon and Tue, and leave for Billings MT on Wed (where I'll pick up a rental car and drive 6 hours to Fortuna ND and get there just in time for whatever's left of the drunken carryings on at Skjermo Lake). Thu and Fri are vacation days for me (as are the following Mon and Tue), and I'll be there -- in the land of no cell phone reception, ahhhhh -- for that entire time.

    On these occasions (when the 4th falls on a Wednesday), it would be great if companies would just shut down and pay people for the entire week. It happens only once every 6 years. A national week of vacation ... whaddaya think?

  2. We always have the actual day of the 4th off unless it falls on a Saturday or Sunday in which case we get the closest day to it. A lot of people are taking 2 days vacation either beginning or end of the week, or taking all 4 days vacation. I don't think there are activities around the towns on the weekends. The "ring of fire" I went to last year at the lake, that is happening Tuesday night the 3rd.

    Sorry you had a crummy night. I had two of those earlier this week when it was very hot here.

  3. We only get Wednesday off, unless we take vacation. We can't call in sick either Tuesday or Thursday either, or we will lose our holiday pay.

  4. Folks around here get the 4th off. Fireworks are scheduled on the 3rd - I guess so we can stay up late.

  5. Well, I'm not a workin' gal, nor do I or my husband have a regular "day" job. Sooo, my hubby is working round the clock to get the crop planted and we are going to the mountains next weekend to go camping. We would usually go for the actual 4th with days before and after, being spoiled farmers that can take all the time off they want. LOL! Not this year. Mostly because some friends want to go with us and can't get off til Friday.

    BUT, when I was a working gal at the Ford dealership, as an office worker I got the actual day off, no others. The salesmen, however, had to work that day (because there was a holiday sales event, of course). But, it wasn't all fun for me, because I had to work at my evening/weekend job as a waitress at the Portales Inn.

    Sorry about your night. Hopefully tonight will be a better one.

  6. Ya know...I really couldn't remember what happened when the fourth hit on a Wednesday. Like Lori sez, the week is basically a blow-off for people that actually show up, what with all the folks on vacation, either for the whole week or in parts. I remember, now that my synapses have been sufficiently stimulated.

    I also like Lori's idea of a week off. GM does something like this, or they used to, anyway. I believe it's in July, but the whole company shuts down for two weeks at the end of the month. Everyone goes out on "mandatory" vacation...and that included EDS, as a prime contractor. They also shut down the week between Christmas and New Years, too...which is about as much of a "dead time" as there is in American business.

    Jenny: I was wondering if your husband was done with the planting. I guess this means I can't wash the car yet...

    Lori: Have fun in Fortuna, and keep your eyes open for that job... ;-)

  7. Wash the car, Buck! He'll be done planting the second to last last field today. The last field is still waiting for the previous renter to get his wheat cut, which should be this next week. But we have to plow it first. But we are getting a little worried about the lack of rain the forecast. Totally safe to wash your car. In fact, the kids and I are going to church in town today and believe I will swing by Soapy Springs and wash my Yukon. Need some rain (just not a gully washer. A nice gentle rain. Don't want to wash out all the seed we just planted).

  8. Buck - corporate america only gives the bare minimum. It's Wed. only for us, though The Hubby and I are taking Thursday & Friday off. But you are also correct about the week being a washout anyway - it's dead as a post here today and that will only get worse as the week progresses.

    You know, if you can't sleep the worst thing you can do is watch TV or use the computer. It tricks your brain into thinking it's daylight and therefore time to be truly awake. Try reading a magazine or book in indirect lighting - works every time for me.

    Here's hoping for better sleep this week!


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