Friday, June 22, 2007

Carlin has Still Got It. In Spades.

You'll probably have to watch this at least three times to get everything. I know I did...

hat tip: Chaotic Synaptic Activity, via Chap.


  1. LOL! That was great. I have mentioned before that I saw Carlin in Las Vegas. We sat front and center and had a great time. Of course, that was also the trip where we ran into the Tailhook convention. One of these days, I will drag out a picture from that trip.

  2. OMG, how did he REMEMBER all that! Funny stuff!

  3. That was great! I'm like Jennye. I don't know how he remembered all that, and he never flubbed once! The man is a classic.

  4. You ladies have hit on the thing that most impressed me: his absolutely flawless delivery. One wonders how many hours he spent in front of the mirror rehearsing that routine. And while the delivery was flawless, the stringing together of all those buzzwords into a seamless, meaningful rant is pretty danged impressive, too.

    Hey Jenny! Can I wash my car now? I hope your husband got the planting done, coz the fields will be wet for a few days after last night's deluge...


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