Saturday, May 26, 2007

Today's Pics

Yesterday was a brilliant day…so guess what SN1 and I did?

Layton/Ogden is surrounded by mountains, and in addition to being one the more picturesque locales in all of these United States, the area is a biker’s paradise. “Biker’s paradise,” to me, means lots of twisty-turny mountain and canyon roads, and SN1 showed me a few of his favorites during yesterday’s ride. We rode up into the mountains to Snow Basin ski resort and then rode down to the Pineview Reservoir, around the reservoir and on up to Wolf Creek. From Wolf Creek we backtracked down to the reservoir and took Utah State Route 39…otherwise known as Ogden Canyon Road…on into Ogden.

Today’s pics were taken at the base of Ogden Canyon Road by a spectacular waterfall. Scenic…to say the very least! As the pics for the larger versions.


  1. The top picture made me do a double take. The way the road blends off the page is really cool making it seem like SN1 is just pasted into the picture.

    Sounds and looks like you are having a good time.


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