Friday, May 18, 2007

A Quick Update

So. Hanging out with SN3 is pretty cool, to say the least. The day has been fairly low and slow, and that's OK with me. We've not gone for an extended ride today. As a matter of fact we only rode from the bike shop back to the hotel...a distance of about four miles, and that was it. As I told The Second Mrs. Pennington last night: I didn't even want to look at the 'Zuki today, let alone do any extended riding. She replied that Bobby probably didn't care, and that has been the case. And I'm glad. There will be plenty of time for riding tomorrow and Sunday...especially Sunday, when SN1 is here with his new Kowalski.

Some random notes...

I don't like composing in the Blogger "post" window. It takes time for me to organize my thoughts and edit...and I don't get that when using the "create" window in Blogger. So forgive me if this post seems sorta disorganized and rambling, more so than usual. I sure do miss my very own PC. And MS-Word. And I can't post pictures using this public workstation in the Courtyard... of which there are more than a few that were taken today.

In the "It Happens Every Time" Department: Whenever I leave P-Town I always, without exception, wonder just why it is that I stay in Portales. Case in point: SN3 and I walked to Safeway late this morning. I left home without packing my razor and needed to buy one, which will be the third Gillette Mach III in my personal inventory (I always forget my razor. What does this mean?). But I digress. The local Safeway, while not an equal to Wegmans (for instance), is pretty danged cool. There's a Starbucks on the premises, a full-service deli (with sushi!), a sandwich shop that goes beyond the term "sandwich shop," and so on and so forth. So: We had lunch at Safeway, I got my (belated) Starbucks fix, and life was good. Just can't do that at home.

I mentioned this to SN3 (e.g., "Why do I stay in Portales?") and he replied: "Because you don't like snow." Good point. The best, actually.

Out of the Mouths of Babes Dept: A brief conversation. The setting: outside of Safeway at an al fresco dining table. Eating lunch and watching the people come and go, especially the women.

SN3: (Something)
Me: What? I was distracted.
SN3: Distracted?
Me: Yeah, sorry. I was looking at that girl.
SN3: You were looking at chicks.
Me: Well, yeah, but more than chicks, Bob-O. Women. It's one of life's greatest pleasures.
SN3: But isn't that double-crossing Mom?
Me: What?
SN3: Double-crossing Mom by looking at other women.
Me: I don't get it.
SN3: I think you're in love with Mom, so you shouldn't be looking at other women.
Me: You're half right. Let's change the subject, 'K?

Interesting logic, and an implementation of a blatant double-standard! The conversation above may not be verbatim, but it's damned close. I was say the least.

And I'll leave it at that. We're off to dinner as soon as I hit "post." Bobby has never eaten Italian food and there's an interesting looking Italian place just around the corner from the Courtyard.

More tomorrow.


  1. You are more like my father than I thought! LOL! I'm dying here with the conversation with your son. Remember, my father seemed to date have the stewardesses going thru ATL. He also was NOT still in love with my mother, much as I would have wished that.

    Hope the cop between I-40 and Las Vegas didn't get ya! LOL! He was on the lookout Sunday on our way back from Mora.

  2. Jenny sez: Hope the cop between I-40 and Las Vegas didn't get ya!

    I saw him, too. Fortunately he was "otherwise occupied" with another driver as I rode by. That's the BEST kind of that's busy with someone else.

    On the other note...I thought that conversation with Bobby was pretty strange, to say the least. And "bloggable."

  3. Aww, I didn't think what Bobby said was strange at all, Buck. He obviously wants his dad in his life. As Jennye said, "much as I would have wished."
    I'm so glad you two are hangin' out together.

  4. Kids often possess a widom beyond their years.

    BTW, you have been tagged. See my blog for details. :)

  5. There's a lot of bad, bad history here, Bec. Too much baggage for me to go into in this small space, even if I had a mind to do so. Or, it's a classic "you hadda be there" sort of thing. Which is why the conversation struck me as "strange."

    OTOH, I think you're absolutely correct about Bobby wanting me in his life. And I want to be in his life, too.

  6. Becky...I'll check your blog when I get to Utah on Monday night. There's always a line for this public workstation (with one person waiting, as I type), so I can't surf or write as long a post on the blog as I'd like.

  7. That's cool Buck. Actually, you could wait until you got home. I don't really expect you to spend your vacation and family time doing a meme. :)

  8. Kids say the darndest things. Glad you are safe and blogging.

  9. This thing with selling kids on the idea of their parents getting back together, is an insidious brain-washing conspiracy by the people who make our movies. It started with "The Parent Trap." Since then, it has had not so much to do with social engineering, more to do with copying each other and being uncreative.

    Either way, there's this huge glut of kids' movies about some sad little toehead who swindles, coerces, and badgers his parents into getting back together. Liar, Liar. House Arrest. Heartbeat. Ms. Doubtfire. Back To The Future, maybe, if you want to count that one. Catch Me If You Can. Dear John.

    I really wish they'd back off on this. My kid's mom is horribly, horribly, horribly high-maintenance if/when she's not married. When she calls me at work more often than she should be, I get nervous. I want her marriage to last forever. When she's married, she isn't bugging me with problems.

    So I do not need a huge pastiche of kids' movies programming my kid to try to get his parents back together. DO NOT WANT. But you know, that's just me...

  10. Morgan said: So I do not need a huge pastiche of kids' movies programming my kid to try to get his parents back together. DO NOT WANT. But you know, that's just me...

    I agree with you completely, Morgan, but perhaps for a different reason. The movies you cite create an unreasonable expectation in children because parents that reunite following a divorce are very rare, indeed...I'd venture an educated guess of about one percent. People get divorced for a reason, and the kids rarely ARE that reason. It's a sad fact of life, but it's true, none the less.

    I appreciate your situation and sympathize. OTOH, I don't think Bobby was angling in that direction. Part of the "bad history" I alluded to in my response to Bec was/is the fact that my ex- has encouraged my son to consider his step-father as his "Dad." And that has come to pass, much to my disappointment and total dislike. is what it is and I have little or no control over the fact. that I've revealed a little bit more of what's behind the curtain... you might understand why I found that entire conversation more than a little "strange."


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