Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Photo Essay

1. Peruse
2. Sample
3. Select
4. Order (two pints of beer [each] AND excellent food)
5. Enjoy

Result: Two Happy Campers.

Rooster's. Layton, Utah
Sunday, 5-27-2007


  1. If a picture is worth a thousand words, your three pictures are a book. I clicked on the beer write-ups before I saw the other pictures - so I burst out laughing when I saw your picture in front of the different beers. The look on your face and the face of SN1 were priceless. Toby and Jes were looking over my shoulder. Jes said, "Where are they? I want to go too." Toby made me go back to the beer descriptions. He wants to try the Two-bit amber, although he was interested in all of them. You guys look like you were having a great time.

    Funny, just this morning he mentioned brewing up some beer sometime soon.

  2. We DID have a great time! :-)

    Buck had two pints of the Two-Bit Amber and I had two of the Honey Wheat (Bee's Knees). It was danged hard deciding, though! And to top it all off, the service from our wait-person (Theresa) was simply super. Lots of good natured banter back and forth, and all that. A lot of that had to do with the fact it was Sunday and there weren't many customers, so we sorta had her undivided attention...this is LDS Country, ya know...

  3. "this is LDS Country, ya know..."

    Hence the Polygamy beer.Toby got a real kick out of that name and some of the descriptions. The Bee's Knees would have been my choice(according to the description).

  4. Your son is about twice as wide as you!! LOL! I mean that in a totally good way, he looks like he is built pretty solid.

    All is well here in P-ville. Lots of rain the past couple of days. I'm sure your home didn't float away, though. Nothing earthshattering going on since the water main break last week.

    Happy Memorial Day to you! And Thank You to you and your sons!!

  5. Jenny sez: he looks like he is built pretty solid.

    He works out a lot...and he gets at least part of that "solidity" from his mom... ;-)

    I think I'm doomed to have that Dachau look for the rest of my life. I can't seem to put on any weight, no matter what I do. {sigh}

    Oh, and Lou: Rooster's sells a "Polygamy Pale Ale" tee shirt. They were out of 'em at the Layton store, but I'm gonna go up to the Ogden store sometime this week and buy one. Want me to pick up one for Toby? Drop me a line with Toby's size if the answer's "yes."

  6. You just haven't had the right cookin'! Some of the stuff I fix will put some meat on your bones (chicken and dumplings tonight, since my dieting husband has a weightwatchers meeting and won't be home for dinner!).

  7. Jenny sez: You just haven't had the right cookin'!

    LOL! You have no idea how many women have fatten me up, Jenny. I've always been thin, but it seems to be getting worse and worse as I age.

    But...chicken and dumplings!! MMMM!! One of my absolute FAVORITES!

  8. Thanks for the offer of a T-shirt, but Toby will pass for now. Some day, though, we will meet you for a beer and you can wear your T-shirt and we will discuss the pale ale vs. the stouts.

  9. Some day, though, we will meet you for a beer and you can wear your T-shirt and we will discuss the pale ale vs. the stouts.

    That will be a great day!! The debate will be rather short, though. I've never been a big fan of the stout family, and my knowledge/experience in that area is pretty limited. But I have been known to raise a pint of Guinness in the dead of winter, which seems to be the only time it fits. For me.


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