Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Got this in the in-box this morning:
You're Invited!

As a valued Amazon customer, you've been specially picked to get an early look at a new website Amazon has just launched called Askville. Askville is a place where you can ask any question on any topic and get real answers from real people. It’s a fun place to meet others with similar interests to you and a place where you can share what you know. You can learn something new every day or help and meet others using your knowledge. It's new, and best of all, it's free!

To start go to:

Thanks,- The Askville Team
I checked it out and the site looks fairly useful, so I thought I’d share. And…while I may be a “valued Amazon customer,” I’m not that valued: the site has been active since at least April 11th.

Short post today…for a number of reasons. Well, two, at least. First and foremost, there’s not a lot in the news that strikes me as blog-worthy. Oh, there’s Hillary coming out and advocating socialist economic policies, should she be elected Leader Of The Free World (aiiieee!)…but that’s not really news, now, is it? And then there’s the on-going incompetence of the Homeland Security folks…this time it’s the now-acknowledged terrorist dry run that was pooh-poohed back in the summer of 2004. But once again, isn’t that sorta “more of the same,” just different? And so it goes with the news. Forgive me, Gentle Reader, but I just can’t get excited about this sort of stuff today.

No…the real reason I’m posting light today is that things are beginning to quicken around SN1’s house. You may remember the primary reason I’m visiting here in Utah is to attend grand-daughter Monique’s high-school graduation. The influx of out-of-town visitors begins in earnest today, what with The First Mrs. Pennington arriving this afternoon and the first of many relatives from New Mexico arriving sometime today, as well.

And there’s more. What I may not have told you is that in addition to preparing for Monique’s Big Day, SN1 and family are packing up for their move to South Carolina. The house is being packed up, boxed up, and is in a state of disassembly, even as house guests arrive. Monique graduates on Friday, the U-Haul will be loaded on Saturday, and the cavalcade leaves for South Carolina Sunday morning. To say the situation is “somewhat chaotic” is a massive understatement!

So: a brief post.

Today’s Pic: More plane pr0n from the Hill Aerospace Museum…this time it’s a pair of F-86 Sabres—a C-model (background) and the interceptor D-model (foreground).


  1. Hmm, a high school graduation, TFMP, relatives from NM, packing for a cross country move - wow sounds like a party. My hat is off to SN1's wife. Congrats to Monique! Take lots of pictures. I'm really enjoying your trip.

  2. My hat is off to SN1's wife.

    Agreed...mine, too! The great thing about family, though, is one doesn't have to apologize for the state of the house, preoccupation with stuff that needs to be done, etc. And family pitches in, too!


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