Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Desolation Row

Just a quick placeholder post… I have to get ready to go over to The Big(ger) CityTM as I have a service appointment for the ‘Zuki this morning. It’s not gonna be a fun ride; the temp is 46 degrees (with a wind chill of 40) as I write. I hate riding in the cold…but at least it ain’t raining.
Back later this morning or early this afternoon, depending. “Depending on what?” you ask? “Mostly on when I feel like it,” sez I.
Today’s Pic: Another shot of that abandoned bar, this time from the rear. What a sad sight, eh? Dylan’s “Desolation Row” kept playing in my mind as I wandered about the premises on Sunday. Not all that appropriate, I know, but kinda-sorta…


  1. Chilly today. And windy later. Hope they service your bike quickly so you can get home before the wind picks up. I'm off to Big(ger) town too. Gotta get a taller dog pen for my puppy. He jumps out of the yard and I don't want to leave him loose when we take the new camper out.

  2. Well, they sorta got me out quickly. I was there at 0845 and out just after 1100.

    Lordy, but it was a white-knuckled affair on the way home. I kept it at 60 mph because the cross-winds were fierce until I "turned the corner," at which point in time it was mostly headwind(s). The wind has picked up considerably since I got home, so I guess I missed the worst of it...but it was bad enough. Even semis were passing me on the way back, and the wake from a big-rig, coupled with the "normal" wind (if one can call 35 - 40 mph winds "normal") made for some...uh... interesting times.

    I'm glad to be home!!

    Didja get your dog pen?

  3. Glad you made it back safe and sound. I hate our spring winds.

    Yup. I called Lowes and they said they had three in stock. Got there and oh, they meant they had three sides of the pen, not the whole pen. Found the exact one at Gebo's for cheaper, though. Set it up (in the wind, it wasn't an easy task by myself), and the dog is now howling in it. I will usually keep him out during the day, but I found a nest of baby rabbits the other day and he wouldn't leave them alone. I'm hoping the mom will come back for them tonight. I researched and unlike some animals, the mom will take them back after being handled by humans. But poor Tex is not happy being in that pen! So far it is holding him.


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