Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Marking Time

Yesterday I opened with “Ah…the coffee is good this morning!” Today? Not so much. I awoke at 0530, stumbled over to the kitchen counter and lit off the pot. I returned to bed to await the steaming results and immediately fell back asleep. Two hours later I was awakened by the beep-beep-beeping of the pot, signifying the automatic shut-off had engaged. Thus: coffee that was two hours old when I poured the first cup.

Yea, I could have poured it out and started anew, but that seems is so wasteful. And that’s not me. So, I just dealt with it. And it was wonderful, compared to the freshest Air Force coffee I ever drank. Gotta keep one’s perspective about things.

The coffee’s not the only thing that’s second-class today. My net connection is having another one of its periodic fits of intermittency. It’s there one minute and gone the next. The net result (ed: groan...) is making the rounds has been slower than slow, I’ve lost and had to retype three comments on various blogs, and have re-booted twice, all to no avail. And although I have made it through my usual and customary reads I’ve yet to begin getting caught up on what’s happening in the world according to the MSM.

Dang, but I hate it when this happens! Hopefully things will get back to normal in a bit.

The Good News? It’s Spring. And it’s a beautiful day, weather-wise. Now give me back my ‘net!


  1. Speaking of coffee... Had to buy a new coffee maker a couple of weeks ago. Yes, my old Mr. Coffee that I've had since 1991 finally went belly up. God a very stylish Black & Decker with the caraf and timer. Old one didn't have a timer.

  2. Did you check out Guinness or call the Smithsonian? :-)

    I've yet to use the timer on the new (but getting older by the day) pot. Maybe someday, although I can't see why...


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