Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It Could be Worse, Part Deux

Up too late again. Back in a few, but until then, there’s…

Today’s Pic: Keeping with the “It could be worse” theme… Yesterday’s pic was taken at the old homestead in Perinton, NY. Today’s pic was taken in my new, post-marriage-termination quarters, a rather nice, very new apartment (I was the first tenant) in Webster, NY.

Me (on the phone, waiting for the other end to pick up)…dum-da-dum-da…
Him: EDS, this is (my boss)!
Me: Hey, it’s Buck. I won’t be in today, I’m snowed in.
Him: Snowed in? You can’t get out? Really?
Me: Really. There’s a four foot drift right outside my garage door.
Him: Really?
Me: Yeah, really. Check your mail in a minute or four. I’ll send you a picture.

And this was the pic I sent. It was very late in the day when the apartment complex finally got a front-end loader and a dump truck in to remove the snow… March 3, 1999.


  1. I remember that storm well. It snowed 2-3" per hour, and cranked up a notch right around morning drive time. Many people got stuck on the expressways, or arrived at work late to find out it was closed and turn around and go home... or they arrived at work but then could not get home and ended up sleeping overnight at work. A 20-30 minute drive took 3 hours that day, if you didn't get stuck. Several people I work with ended up stuck at work overnight. A bit of a hardship because there are no food facilities here, just a couple of vending machines which got cleaned out fast. And no restaurants in walking distance in that kind of weather. Most of the restaurants were not even open because none of the staff could get to work that day. We dug out from that one, 24 inches in total, then a couple days later we got clobbered with 18 more inches. Interesting to note that we had quite a mild winter that year up until March. And we're having a mild winter again this year, so who knows what March will bring. Historically the biggest storms we have had were in March.

  2. Another vignette from that storm: Two days later (a Friday night), some friends and I did Happy Hour at the Dinosaur BBQ downtown. We had a few beers, ate dinner and then went on our respective ways. The city streets were pretty clear by that time, but not all...

    I left a traffic light from a dead stop and proceeded to hit one of the on-ramps to 490...only to realize (a) the on-ramp was closed, but not blocked and (b) there was about six feet worth of snow drifted on the ramp. I was going about 35 mph when I plowed (literally) into the mess. It was about an hour and a half until the tow truck arrived to pull me out. I was pretty damned red-faced (and cold), lemmee tell ya... :-)

  3. LOL! You were lucky there was not a car hidden in that drift you hit. I recall there were still cars buried here and there on the ramps and on the expressway a few days after. Driving to work on the expressway was like a slalem around the snowbound cars.


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