Monday, November 27, 2006


It’s a gray and chilly day here on the High Plains…winter’s a comin’! There’s actually snow in the forecast for this coming Thursday, and we’re about to endure a run of low 20s and teens for our overnight lows. The heating season is upon us!

Today’s Pic(s): Two views of the SR-71 on display at the Strategic Air and Space Museum (formerly the Strategic Air Command museum), near Omaha, NE. I’ve seen a couple of other static display SR-71s, but this is the only one I know of that’s displayed inside a building, other than a hangar. This SR-71 is the centerpiece of what is a very high quality museum…one of the better USAF museums in existence. If you’re ever on I-80 heading west out of Omaha, you’ll really miss something good if you don’t stop and spend a few hours. They have a B-36, too! Photos taken in May, 2000.

And now to work on the third installment of “A Lengthy Reminiscence.”


  1. Man, there's a blast from the past. I was stationed with this bird at RAF Mildnehall, UK. The Brits knew better when the thing was going to take-off and land then did most of the ground support troops. It was an awesome site in the air but I hated it on the ground. Talk about eating up some hydraulic fluid.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Great pics! I'll have to try to take a trip to Omaha. I've see the museum at Wright-Patterson AFB which was pretty nice.

  2. Yeah, you're definitely missing out if you don't make it down to that museum. They've also got a B-58, U-2, F-102, F-101, B-52, and my personal favorite, an Avro Vulcan.

    Did you ever make it to the old museum, Buck? I know SJS and myself have both been wasn't nearly as well done, but there was just something about old beat up warbirds sitting out on the tarmac that seemed appropriate.

  3. Dale: I've seen SR-71s take off from Mildenhall on several occasions, as I used to have to go up to Mildenhall (from RAF Uxbridge, where I was stationed for three years) once a month or so...quite an impressive sight!!

    Mike: I never made it to the old museum, but I've read your and SJS' comment exchanges on your respective blogs about that. I find it amazing that he (SJS) could crawl into the planes back in the day! Talk about COOL!

  4. If ya wanna get close and personal with an SR-71 and U-2 (and I mean to literally caress her chines and wings) you need to make a trip to Palmdale, CA or Merced CA.

    Both birds are at Palmdale and only and SR-71 is in Merced. HOWEVER, the Merced Air Museum has LOTS of cool planes ... all within reach!

    Hey, Dale, the Sled definitely drank fluids - and ATE many a hat I might say! Pre-flight for me was next to the bird, in the hangar, engines running. Being in AMS, INS/Nav systems, we did pre-flight right up to pull-chocks. Two sets of ear protection at all times.

    I bet you had some, loud encounters, when on the "pad" for tests, right?

    Drop me a note, we can share Sled Stories!!!


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