Friday, September 22, 2006

Dirty Old Man? You Decide...

OK…It’s Friday evening and I’ve had a couple of beers, which may or may not have affected my judgment. But I got a laugh out of these photos and just had to share them. Here’s the copy from the Daily Mail (UK):
You would think that by the age of 64, most women would be self-conscious enough to ensure their choice of evening wear does not expose parts of the body which have...well dropped below standards.
But no one seems to have shared this with legendary entertainer Barbra Streisand as she stepped out in this rather unflattering black dress at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York.
Streisand seemed to forget what a photographer's flash can do to a black dress as she unwittingly revealed she had left the black bra tucked up in her drawer at home.
But this was not the first time Streisand has been left emmbarrased by the camera.
Last month she was snapped outside her LA home looking like she had given her make-up artist and hairdresser the day off.
Perhaps “I got a laugh” isn’t spot-on. Actually, since I’m “of a certain age” I find the black dress photo mildly titillating. And then the Mail had to go and spoil the effect by publishing one of the most unflattering photos of La Streisand that I’ve ever seen. Period. But I like that black dress photo.
Just sayin’. And…it goes without saying: all politics aside.


  1. Funny, Buck!
    "You would think that by the age of 64, most women would be self-conscious enough..."
    But they've got backwards!
    By the age of 64, most women don't care anymore! What's the point? :)
    (And I thought Barbra looked right fine in that dress.)

  2. Bec said: By the age of 64, most women don't care anymore! What's the point? :)

    My former mother-in-law maintained that "I don't give a s*#t" attitude began at 50 and was truly liberating. I tend to agree with her, and you, of course! One of the things that separates the women from the girls...

  3. LOL! I saw this over at Big Dog's place. Ewww. Just Ewww. His post was titled 'instead of Babs we should call her Sags'. LOL! I do not think women even my age should go around like that... sorry, you just look ridiculous trying to look 20 something. It doesn't work, and it's not classy... can you imagine somebody like Elizabeth Dole going out looking like that? Or Laura Bush? Okay, so they are in politics, not entertainment.... How about, oh, Kathleen Turner. That look is fine for an intimate dinner at home with a significant other, but not out in public.

  4. Funny Girl in translucent dress: Babs never did anything for me, beers or no. Politics or no.

    Kathleen Turner? 9 1/2 Weeks? Romancing the Stone? Yeah.

  5. Sorry, that was me. Stranger Reese.

  6. laurie, no I can't imagine someone like Laura Bush looking like that...but I'll bet she wishes she could! But then who am I to talk? If I dressed like Laura Bush, my family wouldn't recognize me. Come to think of it, if I dressed like Barbra, they wouldn't recognize me either.
    Say, Buck. I've had my half a bottle of Corona for the week, but I just might join you in a glass of wine...

  7. Ewwwww! That's disgusting! That second photo doesn't even look like Blabs Streisand.

  8. Personally, I don't care to see Barbra's breasts. Truthfully, I wouldn't mind looking like that at 64. I wouldn't show just anyone and everyone, though. As for the second picture, I can do that look pretty easily especially in the mornings. That is why I live in the country where no one sees me.

  9. Lou, LOL! I think we can all relate to that second photo!
    Looking at the first one (in the bright light of morning), yep, I agree that a tiny bit more opaqueness would have been in order. She probably would have looked fine if she had kept on the jacket she was in the process of removing. Maybe she was hot. :)

  10. Bec said: Maybe she was hot. :)

    Well, yes, in a manner of speaking, she was hot (a few years back).



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