Friday, January 27, 2006


I can't publish from my desktop, I can't even get a solid connection to Blogger/home. So, I drug out the laptop, fired it up, and I'm gonna try and publish from here.

This all began last evening around 9:30 pm. Everything Google began to slow down, and painfully slow. Searches took forever. Sometime around midnight everything went to Hell in a handbasket. I couldn't access ANY blog hosted by Blogger, I couldn't post, and I couldn't even access my blog. Everything else worked fine: Yahoo searches, my WinAmp Internet Radio player, all other websites. Anything Google, however, failed to work at all.

I freaked out. I downloaded and installed Firefox, thinking IE had caught some nasty disease. But, no. I installed Firefox and things remained the same: no access to anything Google. This has continued all day. I ran a Norton AV full system scan, nothing. I did a full system scan using Ad-Aware SE, nothing. I downloaded and paid for another spyware/malware program, and it caught three trojans Norton and Ad-Aware missed. I rebooted. Same thing.

There's SERIOUS nastiness involved here. If this post goes up I'll know I have a severe problem with the desktop. Damn but I HATE computers sometimes!

Posting may be infrequent and irregular, as the saying goes.

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  1. Good Luck Buck, Try the house call on my links section. When nothing else showed up this thing, as slow as it was, pulled alot of shit to the front. Good-night!


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