Monday, January 23, 2006

Just Catching Up

I’m obviously catching up on my reading, in case you haven’t noticed. There’s just SO much to read, and even though I have all the time in the world, what with no job and no child to raise (not in a direct, hands-on manner, anyway), I still find it difficult to read everything I want to read. Tonight I’m catching up on the OpinionJournal. And there’ll be others to catch up on, as well.

So. Also in the WSJ, Peggy Noonan’s Not a Bad Time to Take Stock: Thoughts on the decline of the liberal media monopoly and the future of the GOP is worth reading on several levels. She begins with pointing out the liberals have lost their mouthpiece, the Mainstream media. She ends with advice to the GOP: you better clean house. Right now. At least that’s the way I read Ms. Noonan. Her final paragraph in the linked article reads:
Republicans in Washington struggle with scandal and speak of reform, and reformation. They would better think of words like regain, refresh, rebuild. If they don't, if Republicans don't choose to lead well, and seriously, and with principle, they should ask themselves: Who will? Seriously: Who will?
And that, to me, says “Clean house.” Return to being the party of Reagan, guys. You, and we, have a lot at stake.

It IS a time to worry, if you’re a Republican. I’ve tended to vote Republican for national offices for the last 25 years, but there have been exceptions, most notably in local races up to and including governor. I’d forsake the GOP in a heartbeat if there were a viable Libertarian party in this country. There’s too much about the Republican social agenda I don’t like. But I won’t trust the country to the Democrats in war time. Not even, no chance. But still, I’m not a straight party-line voter. As an example, I won’t vote Republican in the Texas gubernatorial race this year. My vote is going to Kinky Friedman. As he says on his web site, “Why the Hell Not?” I will vote to return Kevin Brady, my congressman, and Kay Bailey Hutchison to Washington this year. Both are Republicans. If Tom DeLay were my congressman he’d be OUT. But, he’s not.

This is probably way too much information for ya, innit? {he said, with a big ol’ grin}


  1. So you are a Texan at heart, but living in NM. Hey, I know some Okies that do that too. I'm not sure that I could vote for Mr. Goodhair if I were voting in TX. although I usually vote Republican. I'm not too sure about Kinky either, but it would be interesting.

  2. Hey BB! Yeah, I'm a Texan by choice, not by birth. Texas has a very liberal residence policy, and a lot of full-time RV'ers "reside" in Livingston, TX, home of the Escapees RV Club.

    I'll be back in Texas before too long, assuming I can overcome inertia. Inertia has turned out to be a much more powerful force than it ever was, at this stage in life!

  3. There are sooo many great blogs out there, and definitely not enough time to read them all. I just found yours, via LinkedinUSAF.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Laurie. And you are oh-so-right about the many great blogs in existence. I'm always excited when I find yet another well-written blog, and there are just SO many of them. Gives one hope, it does!


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