Monday, December 26, 2005

It Only Took Me 41 Days...

...and several hours to figure out why the titles to my posts in the "Recent Posts" sidebar all had following text. (Duh.) So, after much gnashing and thrashing, I finally got it. Not to mention reading the "Help" file -- "When all else fails read the book" actually WORKS! Then I proceeded to fix over a hundred posts before I said to myself "You're being obsessive here. Stop."

I also figured out how to change the default color in the title field. The default title color in the template is the VERY obscure notation "color:#c60", which translates to orange. I hate orange; I like blue much better. My new Title color is "color:#000091." You can see all those obscure color codes here.

And that's how I spent my evening. Do I need a life, or what?

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  1. I truly HATE working on my blog template. This just takes the cake, doesn't it?!

    There is another great site I use for web colors. The guy has a good set of examples too ... if you're interested ...

    Take care!


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