Wednesday, November 16, 2005


It fell. Overnight. Just like that. Yesterday afternoon the trees were glorious in their yellow-green livery, this morning they've been denuded. Naked, with branches lifting to the sky as if to say "Why ME, Lord? Why now?" Well...because that's apparently the way it works here on the High Plains.

S'funny...coz I don't remember Fall being an overnight event last year, or the year before. It could have been that way, I just don't remember it. But then again, at my age, I don't remember a LOT of things!


  1. Same thing happened in Western NY. No kidding! Actually, today at the Rochester airport we reached a record high of 70F at 6:00 am. By midnight tonight it is supposed to be 32 and snowing.

  2. Ah...snow! I remember that stuff; it's like, cold and gets all over everything, right?

    But seriously, folks...I DO miss Ra-cha-cha, especially the folks I worked with.

  3. That explains the Letchworth photo...


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