Monday, November 21, 2005

Boy, Is He Ever on a ROLL!

Lileks: Kurt Vonnegut has passed from the realm of silly old man to pernicious fool. Screedblog.

Kinda like one of my old heroes, Hunter S. Thompson. It's hard for me to think HST would ever praise suicide-bombers. But, I dunno. Maybe he did. I quit reading HST after his middle period expired and he became just another moonbat ranter, albeit one with much more colorful language.


  1. I used to hate (you can underline that twice!) both HST and the wasted trees they called the Rolling Stone. OK, after brushing my teeth to get it out, I am now ready to read your 2006 stuff. Maybe...

  2. As I noted in the post... I gave up on HST somewhere around 1980 or so. Which was about the time I quit reading RS, as well. And changed my political affiliation, too. No coincidence, that.


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