Friday, May 20, 2011

Beautification Project

It occurred to me that Beautiful La Hacienda Trailer Park needs some sprucing up and I'm goin' to do MY part, said part bein' the installation of some tasteful statuary to be placed somewhere outside of El Casa Móvil De Pennington.  So I bought these:

Really.  I did.  Proof:

I have Scooney to thank for the inspiration.


  1. Awesome. And when the color fades you can take 'em out in the desert and shoot at them.

  2. My good friend, Cecil, who's a full time RVer who doesn't blog, let's me know whenever he sees those at various RV parks. He's been seeking lawn jockeys and garden gnomes.

  3. Maybe you should get you a few old cars - maybe a lowrider. A toilet/flower pot is popular.

  4. Did you really buy those pink flamingos to piss off the neighbors, per your comment on Scooney's blog?

    Ha,ha,ha - love it. I'm planning on being just as ornery when I retire to Sun City. And being a chick, I kinda like pink anyway.

  5. Excellent purchase. Now where will you station these fabulous sentries? At each end of the patio, at the front of the Green Hornet, or some other more prominent place? Meanwhile, if you get a headache considering all the angles of this delicate landscape design issue, I'm sure there's something in the fridge to ease the pain.

  6. Pink 'mingos are cool. Kinda pricey, though.

    What I really like are those wooden cut-outs that you put in your flower beds. You know, the ones that look like a Grandma bent over showing her ass. Those are really bitchin', but 'mingos will do.

  7. Inno: Heh. Good ideer!

    Kris: Thank ya, Ma'am.

    Skip: A couple o' few years back I thought about buying a lawn goddess but never pulled the trigger.

    Lou: I already have one old car, so mebbe an old pickup would be better.

    Did you really buy those pink flamingos to piss off the neighbors, per your comment on Scooney's blog?

    No, that would have been my neighbors in another life, Red. I have a feelin' my current neighbors will approve.

    Now where will you station these fabulous sentries?

    I have a feelin' they're gonna move around a lot, Dan. I thought about not puttin' the legs on them to begin with and putting both on top of El Casa Móvil De Pennington so it looks like they're nesting.

    Andy: Pricey? I got two flamingos for slightly more than 20 Yankee Dollars, including shipping and handling, and you think that's pricey?

  8. Heck yeah! They sell pink 'mingos for $1 at The Dollar General.

    Don't ax me how I know.

  9. les flamants sont rose21 May, 2011 18:00

    From wiki: "The oldest known greater flamingo, a resident of the Adelaide Zoo in Australia, is at least 77 years old."


  10. Buck, a few years ago (more like 40) some enterprising PR genius auto dealership in Ariz or NM (can't remember the city--heard it on NPR, IIRC) bought 10,000 Pink Flamingos and had a crew plant them all over town--created quite a sensation--and had them MOVED EVERY NIGHT for a week into increasingly higher concentrations in the direction of his dealership until they ALL arrived on his lot on Sunday morning for the day of his big advertised sale! LOL!!!

  11. Flamants: Interesting, that. Who'd a thunk it?

    ED: Thank ya, Sir.

    Virgil: That story is just TOO damned cool!


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