Tuesday, March 03, 2009


or... confused? Taken about four minutes ago... the ornamental Cherry tree just outside my door.

I'm thinking the third of March might just be a lil bit... umm... early. But, Hey! We'll take it, Gentle Reader. And now it's back out to continue with Happy Hour... already in progress. It's quite the lovely afternoon here at El Casa Móvil De Pennington, what with it being 80 degrees and all. Loverly. To say the VERY least.


  1. It MUST be spring! I just got done feeding the cattle and counted 7 babies out there (two still had their umbilical stumps on them). My grass is coming up, too, and leaves on the elms are already coming out. I'm SO ready for spring!

  2. Funny, I am just about to post something similar. Things are odd out there, and especially odd out here, weather-wise.

  3. Loverly. Spring is coming, we can walk like a bear out of the same. :)


  4. Nothing's blooming here yet - too dry this year.

    Pretty pictures. I like your new camera, it makes a difference for quality shots.

  5. Very cool pic of the cherry blossom...hey, wanted to drop by and give you a heads up. Run down to your local candy shop and pick up a six of the Shiner Centennial. You can thank me later.

  6. Jenny: I was kinda surprised at the blossoms, as our grass is still brown (as you can see) and none of the other trees are budding yet. But... yeah! Spring is on the way!

    Andy: Agreed on the strangeness. Ah... Global Warming! ;-)

    Skywind: I feel like a bear along about this time of year... ;-)

    Daphne: Thanks!

    Jay: Thanks for the tip... there's a beer run on tomorrow's agenda and I'll see if my Beer Emporium has Centennial in stock. Most definitely.

  7. "Pretty in Pink"! - bet that tree is especially beautiful when it is full of those. Thanks for sharing - it will be a while here...

  8. That's real pretty, Buck. Nothing blooming here yet, but we just had 8 inches of snow, so... Last week, I saw a bee flying about. I thought to myself, "That's going to be one very sad bee in about a week or so." Yup.

  9. Ann: The tree IS pretty when it's fully blossomed out. But that hasn't happened in a couple of years now. I'm hoping this year will be different.

    Jim: I saw your weather event on both the news and The WX Channel and was wondering if you'd make it to the game last night. I see you did... GREAT post!

  10. Hmm, thought I posted a comment here, but I guess I didn't. We are having the same budding out of trees here - I hope it is a good sign. Toby planted a couple of cherry trees along with his other orchard trees. I look forward to the color and beauty they will produce.


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